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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQIf you have any question about B99 website, please, before you contact us, check is your question already answered on this page. Don't forget to read about us and terms of use pages too. Thank you for cooperation.

1.) Is this b99.co.uk for free?

Yes, our business directory is 100% free. We will NEVER send you any bill or other payment request for ads.

2.) How can I add my business to directory?

First step is to find proper category! Next step is to fill "Add New Business" form. Link will be on top of the category page

3.) I noticed listing for my business is incorrect. How can I fix it?

First step is to find that page where Your business is listed. Click on "Report Error, Update details" link on top of the page and fill the form. After submit, we will process the details, check data (for example over your web address). And in 1 week changes will be uploaded.

4.) My business is closed. I want to remove my listing.

Similar as in above question. Fist find the listing you want to remove and click on "Report Error, Update details" link on top of the page. In description field, please explain the reason of the removing details. After submit, give us max 1 week to process the request.

5.) I want to advertise on b99.co.uk.

For now additional advertising is closed, but you can add your business to directory for free.

6.) How can I know that by new business is added to b99.co.uk?

Follow the date of latest changes. You can do it on Latest Changes page or on chosen category page (for example b99.co.uk/dentist/ in right sidebar "Latest Changes heading")

7.) Is full site available in mobile version of the site?

Since 2018, b99.co.uk has responsive design. It works same on mobile phones, tablets or desktop computers.